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Basic Care for Your Brain and Nerves Part 2

The renowned toxicologist Warren Clough was one of the chemists who went into the Nazi chemical plants at the end of WW!! and collected their research on chemical weapons. This technology, originally intended to harm and kill enemy combatants, was later used to develop pesticides and herbicides. The primary way that pesticides kill insects is by disabling their nervous systems. It's not difficult to extrapolate the potential effect of pesticides on human beings, who ingest small, but continual dosages of these chemical in their foods. 

Many of us are also regularly exposed to heavy metals. The definition of heavy metals by chemists is actually problematic, because there are heavy metals that are necessary nutrients for humans, such as iron, manganese and zinc. Other heavy metals, however, like mercury, plutonium and lead, are toxic. There are also metals that are actually physically light, like aluminum, yet are toxic to the human body. Some chemists suggest that the metals that damage the human body should be called "toxic metals." For our purposes, heavy metals are defined not as metals that are heavy, but as metals that have a heavy (or burdensome) effect on the body.

The toxicity of heavy metals is well-knows because of their body-ravaging effects on the workers in factories that manufacture products using these metals. In a list of 38 symptoms associated with exposure to mercury, cadmium, lead, aluminum and arsenic, only seven of these symptoms were NOT associated with the nervous system. That means about more than three-fourths of problems associated with heavy metals directly affect the nervous system.

Here's a complete list of substances to avoid if you want to have a healthy nervous system:

Pharmaceutical drugs
Excessive consumption of alcohol
Chemical solvents
Pesticides and herbicides
Excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages-coffee, black and green tea, caffeinated sodas
Refined sugar and white flour
Hydrogenated oils
Animals fats from commercially-raised animals

Did You Know?

We often hear about the dangers of lead-especially for children. And leaded paint is often pointed to as the main source of lead exposure. However, research points to another source leaded gasoline-as being the primary culprit. While leaded gasoline is no longer available, it is still present in our environment and creates an exposure problem for children and adults today.

Kimberly Siersdale is a lay natural health consultant who deals strictly in helping people to improve their general health and fitness through better nutrition, improved lifestyle, health habits, and positive mental attitudes. She is not a licensed physician and cannot diagnose diseases, prescribe drugs, or recommend treatments for specific disease conditions.

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