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About Quality Healthy Living™
Hello and welcome to Quality Healthy Living. My name is Kimberly Siersdale and I am a Master Herbalist and a Natural Health Consultant. Quality Healthy Living is more than a name, it is a philosophy and a life style. In fact, it is a health-style.

What is a Health-Style?

The way we live our lives defines our health-style. Are you eating well and taking care of your body by exercising and taking supplements? More importantly, are you taking the right supplements for you and your needs?

Every decision we make has an impact on our health-style. When you slow down long enough to think about this, the realization hits you quickly. Health-Style = Life Style.

Why am I sharing this with you?

The answer is simple. I want to help others who are looking for a natural and healthier solution to their health challenges. It is important to be able to bless other people with Quality Healthy Living. As a graduate of Trinity College of Natural Health I have earned my degree as a Master Herbalist. I have been working in the natural health field for over 13 years. This has been an exciting adventure and I love to serve others and help them with their challenges in life.


Kimberly Siersdale is a lay natural health consultant who deals strictly in helping people to improve their general health and fitness through better nutrition, improved life style, health habits, and positive mental attitudes. She is not a licensed physician and cannot diagnose diseases, prescribe drugs, or recommend treatments for specific disease conditions.